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  • Parramatta Creek processing facility
  • Huon Premium range packaging
  • Smolt tanks at Forest Home Hatchery
  • Feedbardge
  • Ronja Huon well-boat

Sustainability through innovation

Huon’s primary focus since 2014 has been on reinvesting in the business to drive operational efficiency. We have upgraded every facet of our operation to ensure we are accessing the latest technologies and delivering best practice farming methods.

  • Custom designed fortress pens have been introduced across all our lease sites, reducing mortality rates from seal incursions to minimal levels and improving worker safety, particularly in high energy, offshore sites.
  • Mooring systems specifically designed for the Fortress Pens to be safely moored in high energy sites like Storm Bay.
  • Feed barges have been installed with innovative feed delivery systems that improve feeding of fish to appetite and results in improved growth and reduced feed wasteage. Over the past year this process has been automated creating a safer working environment under certain weather conditions in our offshore sites.
  • The introduction of the well-boat, the ‘Ronja Huon’, in 2015 has revolutionised the way we farm our fish, from transporting smolt to sea and bathing, to transporting them to harvest. As a result, we no longer need to tow pens, a process which has a high associated cost and safety risk to staff particularly when servicing our offshore sites in Storm Bay.
  • Construction of a state of the art recirculation hatchery (Forest Home) on the Huon River has increased our smolt capacity by 50%, producing larger and better quality smolt and enabling more efficient transfer of smolt to sea.

These investments have also created a robust platform for planned production expansion to supply the increasing demand for our product in Australia and overseas.

Further expansion

Huon Aquaculture are already looking ahead to the next five years.

  • Making plans for the construction of a large, onshore grow out facility, known as a salmon nursery, at our existing industrial site at Whale Point in Port Huon which will see smolt grown on land to much larger sizes before being transferred to sea.
  • We are also preparing for the next generation well boat which will be double in size and built to Huon’s specifications. The ‘Ronja Storm’ will be ready for delivery in 2019.

The growth of Huon’s business is tied to an increased commitment to moving its operations offshore to Storm Bay reducing our exposure to fragile waterways such as Macquarie Harbour, whilst fully utilising the Company’s existing intermediate sites in the Huon River and D’Entrecasteaux Channel to support the off-shore expansion.

Whale Point Salmson Nursery


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